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The process of shipment pickup by GPI Express is subject to the following conditions:

  • The pick up request is 1 day before and/or in accordance with agreed schedule by both parties with submitted list of goods to GPI Express.
  • The pick up request to the GPI Express within a period of less than 24 hours with a scheduled pick-up time before 12:00 noon, the item will be processed on the same day. For picking up at 12:00 noon, the delivery process will be done the next day.
  • Specific commodity that require special packaging (e.g. wooden packaging) to be picked up before 12:00 noon for the next process.
  • The pick up request can be done in two ways, by contacting GPI Express customer service and via the official GPI Express website by writing details (e.g., customer account number, shipper name, shipper address, telephone number, city of origin, commodity, weight, shipment dimension, consignee name, consignee address, telephone number, destination, consignee account number (if any) and service type) to facilitate the operator in informing the GPI Express courier.
  • This pick up service applies only to B2B customers as governed by the GPI Express agreement with the shipper.
  • The term of goods pickup limit by GPI Express is 17:00 every day.
  • Please contact Customer Service for more information.