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Sending abroad is not necessarily difficult. Start reaching your new customers through GPI Express international services. Economical delivery or priority for urgent delivery, we can provide solutions for your shipments of any size required.

If you need a faster delivery, priority service can be your choice with travel time range from one to three days depending on destination countries. But if the speed of delivery time is not your main choice, then we have other service type which can be an alternative for your business with reasonable price. For travel time range between four to five days depending on destination countries.

Here are 6 easy steps for your international delivery :

  • Notice the customs regulations applied in Indonesia as well as the destination countries.
  • Check the delivery tariff on the tariff column.
  • Note the types of goods that are prohibited legally to avoid the risk of detention or annihilation if there is a violation.
  • Do the packaging correctly to reduce the risk of delays and damage during the delivery time.
  • Choose the type of International GPI Express service that suits your needs.
  • Use consignment notes number (airway bill number) to track & track your shipment through the GPI Express website (online).

Start to delivery and get your own experience with GPI Express, as we are here to provide the best service to our customers.